The “600” Film: A story of Heroism to end genocide in Rwanda ( 1994).

They call them the ‘600’. These rugged men who did the unimaginable. True warriors. Who paved the way for the end of the genocide. They were soldiers who had accompanied the senior politicians of the Rwanda Patriotic Front to Kigali for the implementation of the peace accord that had been signed in Arusha, Tanzania. The […]

What is wrong with Rwandan Football?

The African Cup of Nations 2019 just kicked off yesterday. The teams are ready to compete and the excitement is at all time high. For Rwandans, home and abroad, it is time to pick which team to support because the Rwandan team ( Amavubi) is nowhere to be found. Once again, we are reminded how […]

Getting ” real” about teenage pregnancy in Rwanda. What can we do?

A few months ago, New Times published an article about teenage pregnancy in Rwanda. Since then, there is no week that passes by without getting more depressing statistics about teen pregnancy in schools in many districts around the country. Time and time again, instead of addressing the real issues, our culture have found ways to […]

Is Africa really rising?

If you really want to know if Africa is rising, ask Africans. The Africa rising slogan is not African. The narrative is a Western view of Africa. Africa is under-performing. Is Zimbabwe doing better today that it was in 2000? Even South Africa is heading into a recession. The most industrialized country in Africa is registering negative growth. […]

Kwibuka25: The President Address to the Nation.

On the 25th commemoration of genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda, President Paul Kagame delivered a very powerful message to the people of Rwanda. His message highlighted the recovery of Rwanda, and it took me back through the journey that we have been on for the past 25 years after 1994. The message is crystal clear […]

The Kings who shaped up the Rwanda of Today.

Before the arrival of European colonists in Rwanda, the kingdom of Rwanda was a powerful monarchy of their time. It was very organized, structured, and managed to go for 800 years. During those eight centuries, the monarchy lead by the Mwami, which meaning King in Kinyarwanda. In this article, I will introduce to some remarkable Kings […]

Rwanda is the place to visit, 2018

The number of UK visitors to Rwanda has grown by 21%, according to the African country’s official promotion brand Visit Rwanda. Its full-year 2017 figures show 16,000 business and leisure travelers from the UK, a fifth more than in 2016. Visit Rwanda says travelers are making their way to the country for wildlife, new premium […]

10 Amazing facts about Rwanda and Reasons to visit in 2018

Originally posted on Didier Champion:
2018 is an exciting year for my beautiful nation, Rwanda, and for travelers around the world. As a proud Rwandan, I am very happy that we are finally starting to get the recognition we deserve by many international tourism agencies around the World. As we start this year, Rwanda has…