10 Amazing facts about Rwanda and Reasons to visit in 2018

2018 is an exciting year for my beautiful nation, Rwanda, and for travelers around the world. As a proud Rwandan, I am very happy that we are finally starting to get the recognition we deserve by many international tourism agencies around the World. As we start this year, Rwanda has been featured as one of […]

Articles about Rwanda

Rwanda: An economic miracle.( Sources: Talent to Africa) Rwanda: The unfinished miracle ( Sources: Nytimes.com) Talk Africa: Rwanda’s Economic Miracle ( Youtube: CCTV Africa) Rwanda the Heart of Africa ( Youtube): Rwanda U never Seen on TV Welcome to the beautiful Rwanda 2017 ( Rwanda the heart of Africa) Rwanda: Africa’s success story or authoritarian […]

Remembering Genocide against Tutsi after 22 years: Fighting against Genocide Ideology

Remember, Unite, and Renew Every year from April 7th to April 13th, Rwandans take one week to remember the 1994-genocide against Tutsi, Remembrance Week, as officially called. This week is one of the most difficult times for many Rwandans, in Rwanda, and elsewhere in the world. This year of 2016, for the 22nd times, we […]